The Small Business
Tech Summit 2022

tuesday 28 june, 12pm – 3pm (BST)


Quickfire tech sessions to help small businesses meet the challenges of today – and seize the opportunities of tomorrow

About the event

The free Small Business Tech Summit, brought to you by First Voice, the official magazine of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and Dell Technologies, returns for its second year, bringing together a host of expert speakers to explore how technology can help small businesses meet the challenges of today and seize the opportunities of tomorrow.


Through a series of quickfire sessions, across an action-packed Summit, our experts will explore a range of relevant tech-related topics.


Whether you’re just starting out and looking to use tech to professionalise, or a growing business that wants to scale-up to the next level, our quickfire 10-15 minute sessions offer something for every small business.


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This session explores the different ways technology can take the strain when it comes to daily operations, organisation and planning. How tech can help businesses scale and grow by taking up tasks such as finance and invoicing; resource planning and scheduling; automatic operational processes – freeing you up to focus on more sales, more leads and more growth. The message here is that, by investing in simple to implement tech, you will not only create efficiencies that save money, but free yourself up to do what you do best.

Innovation is at the heart of Dell Technologies’ solutions – and this session will explore some of those innovations and how they can help progressive businesses to achieve their objectives. How can Dell Technologies products and solutions help you innovate for success – and how do they differ from other market solutions?


This session will also explore what’s hot and what’s not on the technology horizon: from AI to automation, VR and artificial intelligence – everybody’s talking about emerging tech solutions that will change the world and could revolutionise small businesses. But what new tech solutions are coming on to the market, can they really help small businesses (or are they just fashionable buzzwords) and, if so, which ones will have the biggest impact for small firms?

Television presenter, property expert and serial entrepreneur Laura Hamilton has launched and sold a series of successful small businesses and properties alongside her TV career. In this session, Laura shares the lessons she has picked up along the way and that can help other small business owners gain an advantage. From the key fundamentals of running a small business to juggling multiple roles, to embracing social channels for marketing and knowing when to expand and even sell your business, Laura’s insights will appeal to small businesses at any stage of her journey.

Amid growing awareness of the importance of being environmentally friendly, and under increased scrutiny on their green credentials from the firms they supply, small businesses are having to be more environmentally conscious. And being green is about far more than just carbon emissions. Tech has a crucial role to play in helping firms reduce their impact on the environment. This session will explore some of the ways it does that – from helping firms measure and reduce their carbon footprint, to smart tech driving efficiency and reducing energy usage, and e-signatures reducing firms’ carbon footprints. What’s more, Dell Technologies’ solutions are often more recyclable and eco-friendly than you would think.

With cyber threats constantly evolving and becoming increasingly complex, staying on top of the latest risks and making sure your small business is protected against them is a challenging task – not least when you would rather be focused on your day to day activities. This session will highlight some of the latest emerging threats and offer practical tips and guidance for protecting your small business against cyberthreats.

Tech is an investment for any small business – so it’s vital that you spend wisely, that you get value for money, that you are purchasing in a flexible way and that you have the ability to upgrade/change your tech easily and in a cost-effective way. This session offers practical guidance on how you can get the right tech for your business, and how Dell Technologies’ solutions are both cost-effective and flexible.


Jon Watkins

first voice magazine

Jon Watkins is an editor, writer, and host of events, podcasts and webinars on issues facing businesses, including for FSB. He has 20 years’ experience as a business journalist, and has worked with brands including FSB, the IoD and Hiscox. He has edited a range of business titles, including Business Life magazine and the IoD’s magazine, Director.


Laura Hamilton

TV Presenter, Property & Travel Expert
& Entrepreneur

Laura began her TV career age 18 as a runner for Channel 4. She worked for 4 years behind the scenes before getting a break in front of the camera. Behind the scenes, Laura worked on some of the biggest films and entertainment shows of the time – Top of The Pops, Big Brother, The Games, Harry Potter to name but a few – and it was in fact Dermot O’Leary and Vernon Kay who helped her put together her first presenting showreel.


You go the distance for your business. So do we.

The title of innovator isn’t a rare, unattainable thing that is reserved solely for the geniuses of the world. Its simply a person who has the passion and determination to bring ideas to life. Whether they’re big or small. Because an innovator is willing to try things. Even when they’re hard. Even if they don’t come out perfect first time. Because they know if an idea is good enough, its worth putting in the effort. And, with the right technology partner, they can stop at nothing to see it through.


At Dell Technologies, we believe there isn’t just an innovator in some of us. There’s an innovator in each and every one of us.


That’s why we’ll stop at nothing to make our technology more powerful, simpler to use, and easier to access so every person and every business can do more incredible things.

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